Pinz Bowling is the ideal place to host children’s parties. 
Invitations-template and balloons are supplied to make the day extra special.
Download our Party Invitation(x2) in .pdf or .jpeg form.
(Right-click (control-click on Mac) the link and choose “Save Link As…” to save the image to your computer.)

We’ve put together the packages below to give an idea of what we can offer.
The packages are flexible (mix and match bowling and Planet Pinz).
All you have to bring along is cake , party bags and of course the children!
A dedicated party host is included with parties booked on Saturday and Sundays, making sure to make the party completely stress free for parents!

Contact us with your requirements.
(Please note that a deposit of £10 is required for each multiple of 6 booked.)

Planet Pinz
Birthday Packages

Ages 3 to 11 → only £9.50 per child

  • Party Invitations
  • One hour unsupervised play
  • Birthday Balloons
  • Delicious Party Meal

Toddlers up to 3 years → only £8.50 per child

  • ½ Hour Planet Pinz + ½ Hour soft play area
  • Birthday Balloons
  • Delicious Party Meal …& more

Bowling Party

Ages 5 to 11 years → only £9.50 per child

  • One hour bowling, one hour Planet Pinz
    or half and half
  • Balloons & Meal

Ages 12 to 16 years → £15.00 each

  • Two games of bowling
  • Open pool table and rodeo bull
  • Meal