The Elgin Trios has two seasons.
Summer — beginning May and ending August
Winter — beginning October and ending April.

This ten-pin bowling league has been in existence since the year 2000 and meets at Pinz Bowling on Monday evenings with play starting at 7.30pm. There are nine teams with three in each – hence the name. They operate a handicap system so that novices can start on a more level playing field.

Each bowler pays £9.00 for a match, £2.00 of which goes towards a prize fund.
At the end of each season teams and individuals are awarded cash prizes based on that seasons position or performance.

If you want a fun night out and are interested in joining a team, or forming a new one, contact one of the following.

Billy Smith: League President 01343 821720

Owen Rigby: League Secretary 01343 541654

Frank Walker: League Treasurer 01309 671018